The ACME detectives that help out Zack and Ivy:

  • Aileen - A Hawaiian ACME detective.
  • Amati - A brilliant archaeologist and African-American ACME detective.
  • Armando - An Argentinian gaucho ACME detective. 
  • Barrow - A British ACME detective.
  • Billy "Running Bird" - A Native American ACME detective.
  • Chester - A bird ornithologist American ACME detective.
  • Chotu - An Indian ACME detective. 
  • Crow (voiced by Chadwick Pelletier) - A Norwegian ACME detective and a friend of Zack.
  • Jasmine - A Jamaican ACME detective.
  • Josha - A brilliant inventor and ACME agent. He has a crush on Ivy. Zack is the one who helps get them together.
  • Ketut - An Indonesian ACME detective who loves hang gliding and is very wise.
  • Lee - A Chinese ACME detective.
  • Maria - A Brazilian ACME detective from ACME's Rio de Janeiro branch. At the end, we see she might be interested in Zack as she takes him to the opera.
  • Max - A Hawaiian ACME detective and Aileen's older brother.
  • Marco - An Italian ACME detective who's good friends with Ivy.
  • Michelle - A Space Camp ACME detective.
  • Regis - A British ACME detective.
  • Tatiana - A Russian ACME detective who Zack has a crush on.
  • Wahidullah - An Afghanistan ACME detective.
  • Lloyd - An Australian ACME detective.

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