Beethoven in Vienna
Case 16 Austria 1808
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Time Inspector

Good Guide

Renee Santz


Ludwig van Beethoven

Stolen item

Scores to Symphony No. 5 and Symphony No. 6

V.I.L.E. Thief

Jacqueline Hyde

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Lewis and Clark in the Pacific Northwest

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Edison in the Industrial Era

Video game

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time

Age of Symphony is the sixteenth case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"You're making a short hop forward to 1808, in Vienna, Austria. The sounds from Symphony Hall are strangely silent, and that means something's amiss. You'd better lend an ear to the trouble!

This time, your Good Guide is none other than Renee Santz herself, conductress of the ACME Philharmonic. Good luck, Time Inspector, and try to stay on key." -- The Chief



"Sharp work, Inspector! You flattened Jacqueline Hyde and helped Beethoven re-score his Fifth and Sixth Symphonies!

Thanks to you, the most sublime moments in western music have been saved for us all to savor.

All eight escaped crooks are back in jail for good! But Carmen must have another operative on the job, because there's more trouble ahead! Can you take another case?" -- The Chief

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