See? Good always wins over evil. OH, YEAH? WELL, WHO ASKED YOU?!

  • Jose & Brian: Abigail Adams' Letters (Lee Billups)
  • Mark & Crystal: Federalist Party (Elyssa Roth)
  • Eric & Deepy: Medieval Guilds (Gabe Sheeran)
  • Rayvonne & Diane: Thomas Edison's Invention (Ben)
  • Bernardo & Leah: Peanuts (Elizabeth Billups)
  • Angelica & Clarissa: Ship Insurance (Stanley Lewis)
  • Clifford & Michael: Haiti (Elysia Lectine)
  • Heather & Mickey: Chinese Flags (Stephen Norris)
  • Tamara & Linda:14th Amendment (Derek Edmonds)
  • Wedding: Jenny & Mary (Gordon Jacobs)

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