Special Agent Chase Devineaux is featured in Carmen Sandiego Word Detective, Carmen Sandiego Math Detective and Carmen Sandiego's ThinkQuick Challenge. Designed by Joseph John Barney, Chase is voiced by Pat Fraley and his last name is pronounced "dev-in-no."

In all three of these games, Chase fulfills the role typically held by the Chief in Carmen Sandiego products in sending the user off on missions and such. It is made clear that he is not actually the Chief since in Carmen Sandiego Math Detective the user occasionally receives messages from an unseen Chief. However, whereas he appears "in person" in Carmen Sandiego's Think Quick Challenge, he communicates with the user electronically in the other two games. Chase also informs the user of clues he's found throughout the course of the game. He is often shown to be speaking to the user from an exotic location in which he is presumably hunting for clues.

Chase was one of Carmen Sandiego's partners when she was at ACME. After Carmen left ACME, Chase Devineaux went undercover and started working separately from ACME. He started working with ACME again on the Babble-On-Machine case (depicted in Carmen Sandiego Word Detective) and has since become an ACME Special Agent. In Carmen Sandiego's Think Quick Challenge, he is stated to be "ACME's top agent." Chase has red hair and he seems to be around the same age as Carmen. He has a pet falcon named "Phoenix" whom can usually be seen on his shoulder in Carmen Sandiego Word Detective and Carmen Sandiego Math Detective. Phoenix does not appear in Carmen Sandiego's Think Quick Challenge.

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