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Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time

The Final Chase is the final case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time. The player chases down Carmen herself.



"Now the Chase has changed, Time Sleuth. You've got the Chronoskimmer, so you can go anywhere in time. Carmen, on the other hand, can only retrace the Time Tunnels she's already made.

Since you're going after the most elusive thief of all time, you'll need all the help you can get. I'm sending all of ACME's Good Guides to help you out. You're the best team ever assembled, so don't let me down!" -- The Chief

"You may have recovered your Chronoskimmer and canned all my cohorts. But if you try to catch me, you'll be history. Speaking of which...that's exactly where I'm going. I'm off to complete Project History Sweep. Au Revoir." -- Carmen Sandiego


"You nabbed Carmen Sandiego just as she was about to complete Project History Sweep -- a plan to steal a certain ACME dossier. Why would Carmen be after such a file? that you've proven yourself to be among ACME's elite, I can let you in on a piece of top secret, confidential, highly classified information.

Carmen Sandiego was once an ACME detective. Yes! That's right, Time Sleuth! Carmen was one of our brightest stars, rising from a gumshoe to a master detective faster than any agent in ACME history. Unfortunately, catching crooks became too easy for Carmen. She needed greater intellectual challenge. And what could be more challenging than outsmarting ACME?

Her personal dossier records the sad tale of how Carmen turned from our best agent to our most formidable opponent. Carmen must've thought that by stealing this file, she could obliterate her past. But, due to your brilliant sleuthing, her top secret history is still intact! And Carmen Sandiego is finally behind bars where she belongs! I thank you! ACME thanks you! And history thanks you!" -- The Chief

"You may have prevented me from erasing my own embarrassing ACME history. But rest assured: given time, you won't hold onto Carmen Sandiego for long." -- Carmen Sandiego

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