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Lynne Thigpen as the Chief in "Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego"

Give Me Five for a lower score:

  1. Lee: Abigail Adam's Letters
  2. Cole: Patent Office
  3. Ashley: Silver Squires Spurs
  4. Marilyn Crusoe: Canning
  5. Christina: Pompeii
  6. Katie (Kathleen): Maypole
  7. Elyssa Rod: Federalist Party
  8. Desiree: Alexander Graham Belle's Telephone
  9. Chrissy: Prater
  10. Shelley: Ox Cars
  11. Gabe: Medieval Guilds
  12. Thomas: Black Death
  13. Jennifer: Jazz
  14. Ben: Thomas Edison's Invention
  15. Seth Lewis: 1st Subway
  16. Miranda: Orator
  17. Tinker: Toilets
  18. Elizabeth: Peanuts
  19. Allison: Wigs
  20. Ariel: Armies
  21. Adam: Gold
  22. Audrey: Garments
  23. Lisa: 1st Submarine
  24. Stanley: Ship's Insurance
  25. Chloe: Barometer
  26. Buffy: Archimedes' Pulley System
  27. Betsy: Romans
  28. Caroline: Balloons
  29. Stephen: Chinese Flags
  30. Dave: Chinese Immigrant Ships
  31. Emily: Gilgamesh and Mesopotamia
  32. Elysia: Haiti
  33. Stacie: Roman Calendar
  34. Nicole: King Tut's Throne
  35. Michael: Ptolemy
  36. Janice: Stagecoach
  37. Dorothy: Sherlock Holmes
  38. Stephanie: Kentucky
  39. Wayne: Roman Gladiators
  40. Wilfredo Jackson: Bayeux Tapestry
  41. Laura Johns: Gladiador Gear
  42. Abby Michaels: Mayan Corn
  43. Shanique Moccasin: Magna Carta
  44. Alexa Gigerich: Music Box
  45. Jessica Lewis: Samurai Sword
  46. Andrew: Silkworms
  47. Derek Millingan: 14th Amendment
  48. Geoff Andrews: Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks
  49. Carla O'Neal: La Marsaillese
  50. Gordon: Wedding

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