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  • Brian: Abigail Adams Letters
  • Zoe Moore: Patent Office
  • Phillip Lamb: Silver Squire's Spurs
  • Jason: Canning
  • Jon: Pompeii
  • Ahmed: Maypole
  • Mark Donnelly: Federalist Party
  • Jon: Alexander Graham Bell's Telephones
  • Kathy: Prater
  • Emily: Ox Cars
  • Eric Ostrowski: Medieval Guilds
  • Andrew: Black Death
  • Kevin Dunphy: Jazz
  • Diane: Thomas Edison's Invention
  • Elizabeth: 1st Subway
  • Tyler: Orator
  • Danny: Toilets
  • Leah: Peanuts
  • Mark: Wigs
  • Matt: Armies
  • Kyla: Gold
  • Sai Kit: Garments
  • Eddie: The First Submarine
  • Angelica: The Ships Insurance
  • Nathan: Barometer
  • Alice: Archimedes' Pulley System
  • Jon: Romans
  • Franklin: Balloons
  • Heather: Chinese Flags
  • Annie: Chinese Immigrant Ships
  • Tim: Gilgamesh & Mesopotamia
  • Clifford: Haiti
  • Andrew: Roman Calendar
  • Ashley: King Tut's Throne
  • Samantha: Ptolemy
  • Christina: Sherlock Holmes
  • Arthur: Stagecoach
  • Peter: Kentucky
  • Wayne: Roman Gladiators
  • Rebecca Stevens: Bayeux Tapestry
  • Michael: Gladiator Gear
  • Antonio: Mayan Corn
  • Jacob Woods: Magna Carta
  • William Zao: 1st Music Box
  • Adam: Samurai Sword
  • Michael: Silkworms
  • Tamara: 14th Amendment
  • Mahati: Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks
  • Jewel: La Marsaillase
  • Jenny: Wedding

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