Title Ivy
Gender Female
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Voice Actors Jennifer Hale
First Appearance The Stolen Smile
Last Appearance Can You Ever Go Home Again, Part 2

Ivy: "They're bikes. You pedal."

Ivy is one of the main characters from Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? and was featured in Carmen Sandiego: Junior Detective. She is headstrong and will stop at nothing to capture Carmen Sandiego. Although her first meeting with Carmen is never revealed, they have a past history. When she is selected by 'the Player' in the first episode 'The Stolen Smile', she thanks the player for choosing her because she has 'a score to settle with Carmen SanDiego.' Her brother is Zack who is also selected by the player to be her partner in Carmen's pursuit. Although they get along like every brother & sister, she is annoyed whenever Zack calls her 'sis' and reprimands him several times in that episode to stop calling her that. (although she frequently calls Zack 'bro') 

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