Julius Caesar in Rome
Case 02 Rome 50 BC
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50 BCE


Ancient Rome


Time Pilot

Good Guide

Ivan Idea


Julius Caesar
Marius the Plumber

Stolen item

Roman Forum

V.I.L.E. Thief

Dr. Belljar

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Queen Hatshepsut in Ancient Egypt

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Vikings in Vinland

Video game

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time

Roman Empire is the second case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"Tie on your toga, Time Pilot. This Time Tunnel terminates in Ancient Rome, circa 50 BCE, during Julius Caesar's reign. For some reason, Rome's amazing water system is completely dry! You'd better find out why.

This case calls for a master engineer. That's why I'm sending along ACME's inventor extraordinaire, Ivan Idea, as your Good Guide. He's got your Time Cuffs and your next Chronopedia chapter. Good luck with the case, Time Pilot. And...dip a toe in the pool if you get a chance." -- The Chief



"Way to go, Time Pilot! You busted that beastly Belljar, found the Forum, and restored the history of civil engineering!

Thanks to you, Rome's sewer system is in top working order, and because of that...we all have indoor plumbing today!

For that, you deserve recognition. I'm promoting you to Time Scout! Now you've got something to scout about. There's a whole new case just up ahead. Can you take it on right now?" -- The Chief

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