Kublai Khan in Mongol China
Case 06 China 1271
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Time Trooper

Good Guide

Rock Solid


Kublai Khan
Huang the Merchant
Marco Polo

Stolen item


V.I.L.E. Thief

Jacqueline Hyde

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William the Conqueror in Feudal England

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Musa and the Mali Empire

Video game

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time

Mongol China is the sixth case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"You're tunneling to the 13th Century, where China's Yuan Dynasty is powering up. But a historical link between East and West is missing! Better explore the problem, Time Trooper!

You'll be in the large, capable hands of Good Guide Rock Solid, explorer par excellence. As usual, he's got your Cuffs and more background information for you to check out. Remember: China is huge, so wear your walking shoes." -- The Chief


  • Firecrackers
  • Mulberry Branch
  • Silk
  • Bowl with Porcelain Spoon
  • Bowl with Metal Spoon


"Excellent work! You rescued the Polo family, jailed Jacqueline Hyde, and did some pretty sharp bartering, too.

Thanks to you, trade between Europe and Asia will blossom, changing the course of both cultures with a bang!

Congratulations, Time Trooper!" -- The Chief

"So, you've snagged another of my sidekicks. I'll admit it. You're a talented Time Trooper. But you'll never stop my next scheme." -- Carmen Sandiego

"Looks like Carmen's causing more crime just ahead in time. Can you take this case?" -- The Chief

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