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The following is an episode list for the PBS game show, Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, which ran from October 6, 1996 to December 12, 1997.

Season 1 (1996-97)Edit

Title Crook Loot Airdate Head Navigator Trail Of Time Questions Trail Of Time Status Time Remaining
001Episode 1Jacqueline HydeThe "Greatest Show On Earth" Slogan
Gloria Coates5/66/62 seconds
002Episode 2MedevaThe Pen of Edgar Allan Poe
Deborah4/65/6Out of Time
003Episode 3Sir VileBaseball
David Langley5/66/6Buzzer-Beater
004Episode 4Baron WastelandThe First Water Pump
005Episode 5Dr. BelljarJohn Bull Locomotive
Omar5/66/64 seconds
006Episode 6MedevaEgyptian Postal System
Mark Taylor5/66/65 seconds
007Episode 7Baron WastelandThe First Atomic Theory
008Episode 8Dr. BelljarThe North Star
009Episode 9Sir VileThe First Minted Coins
010Episode 10MedevaThe Chicago Defender Newspaper
011Episode 11Dr. BelljarThe First Teddy Bears
Brian0/44/6Out of Time
012Episode 12MedevaShadow Puppets
013Episode 13Dr. BelljarSalt
Mike Samuel3/55/6Out of Time
014Episode 14Sir VileRailroad Spikes
David Salamy5/66/6Buzzer-Beater
015Episode 15Jacqueline HydeWoven Sails
016Episode 16Baron WastelandIncan Road System
017Episode 17Sir VileGalileo's Telescope
018Episode 18Jacqueline HydeRice
019Episode 19Baron WastelandGarbage-Eating Pigs
James Valleni3/55/6Out of Time
020Episode 20Sir VileBernoulli's Theorem
021Episode 21Jacqueline HydeMen's Breeches
022Episode 22Sir VileThe First Amendment
023Episode 23Baron WastelandCotton Gin
024Episode 24Sir VileWhale Vomit
Daniel Jappero5/66/615 seconds
025Episode 25Jacqueline HydeSandwiches
Kofi3/55/6Out of Time
026Episode 26Jacqueline HydeThe First Paper Money
027Episode 27MedevaDeclaration of Independence
James5/66/66 seconds
028Episode 28Dr. BelljarLeeuwenhoek's Microscope
Francis4/65/6Out of Time
029Episode 29Sir VileOliver Evans' Mill
Ali Miller4/55/6Out of Time
030Episode 30MedevaNavajo language
Carly Machato5/66/66 seconds
031Episode 31Dr. BelljarThe Spinning Wheel
Jordy Valesquez5/66/6Buzzer-Beater
032Episode 32MedevaThe Voices of the Griots
Anthony DiMaggio1/54/6Out of Time
033Episode 33Baron WastelandWorld's Columbian Exposition
Lauren2/54/6Out of Time
034Episode 34Baron WastelandInternal Combustion Engine
Crystal3/55/6Out of Time
035Episode 35Sir VileThe Arches of Rome's Colosseum
Kevin Edwards5/66/61 second
036Episode 36MedevaWalden Pond
037Episode 37Baron WastelandIron Plow
038Episode 38Jacqueline HydeSugar Cane
Ryan Su4/65/6Out of Time
039Episode 39Dr. BelljarThe Jacquard Loom
Ali Smith4/66/63 seconds
040Episode 40Sir VileStatue of Liberty
Matt Sporar4/6?6/6?3 seconds?
041Episode 41Dr. BelljarThe Telegraph
Ryan3/55/6Out of Time
042Episode 42MedevaThe Cathode Ray Tube
043Episode 43MedevaDon Quixote
044Episode 44Jacqueline HydeThe Olympic Flame
Chris5/66/63 seconds
045Episode 45Sir VileRobert Johnson's First Recording
046Episode 46Baron WastelandRadio Waves
047Episode 47Sir VileThe Greek Theater
048Episode 48Jacqueline HydeBoston Tea Party
049Episode 49Baron WastelandSewer Systems
050Episode 50Dr. BelljarRefrigerated Railcars
Courtney5/66/610 seconds
051Episode 51Jacqueline HydeCompulsory Education Law
052Episode 52Dr. BelljarHippocratic Oath
053Episode 53MedevaThe Secret Ballot
054Episode 54Baron WastelandPotato
Nathan Huttner6/66/68 seconds
055Episode 55Dr. BelljarThe Iron-Chain Bridge
056Episode 56Sir VileThe Shoes of King Louis XIV
Laura Static6/66/614 seconds
057Episode 57Baron WastelandThe Nile River
Calvin Pantor3/55/6Out of Time
058Episode 58Jacqueline HydeMovable Type
059Episode 59MedevaThe First Newspaper
Adam Stolt2/55/6Out of Time
060Episode 60Jacqueline HydeBarbed Wire
Andrew Tyler6/66/615 seconds
061Episode 61Dr. BelljarThe Franklin stove
062Episode 62Baron WastelandThe Two-Wheel Bicycle
Nicky3/54/6Out of Time
063Episode 63Dr. BelljarThe Zero
064Episode 64Jacqueline HydeThe Sewing Machine
Sulman5/66/64 seconds
065Episode 65MedevaSpice Islands

Season 2 (1997)Edit

Title Crook Loot Airdate Head Navigator Trail Of Time Questions Trail Of Time Status Time Remaining
066Episode 66Jacqueline HydeAbigail Adams' letters
Brian5/66/63 seconds
067Episode 67Dr. BelljarPatent Office
Zoe Moore2/55/6Out of Time
068Episode 68Sir VileThe Squire's Silver Spurs
Phillip Lamb2/55/6Out of Time
069Episode 69Buggs ZapperCanning
Jason3/65/6Out of Time
070Episode 70MedevaPompeii
Jon McNally5/66/66 seconds
071Episode 71MedevaMaypole
Ahmed3/55/6Out of Time
072Episode 72Jacqueline HydeThe Federalist Party
Mark Donnelly1/55/6Out of Time
073Episode 73Dr. BelljarAlexander Graham Bell's Telephones
074Episode 74Sir VileThe Prater
Kathy3/55/6Out of Time
075Episode 75Buggs ZapperSpanish Ox Cars
Emily4/55/6Out of Time
076Episode 76Jacqueline HydeMedieval Guilds
Eric Ostrowski2/55/6Out of Time
077Episode 77Buggs ZapperBlack Death
Andrew5/66/69 seconds
078Episode 78Sir VileJazz
Kevin3/65/6Out of Time
079Episode 79Jacqueline HydeThomas Edison's Invention
Diane4/65/6Out of Time
080Episode 80Dr. BelljarThe First Subway
Elizabeth Polley6/66/67 seconds
081Episode 81MedevaOrator
Tyler3/55/6Out of Time
082Episode 82Dr. BelljarToilets
Danny4/6?5/6?Out of Time
083Episode 83Jacqueline HydePeanuts
Leah4/6?5/6?Out of Time
084Episode 84MedevaWigs
Mark4/66/63 seconds?
085Episode 85MedevaArmies
Matt5/66/65 seconds
086Episode 86Buggs ZapperGold
Kyla4/65/6Out of Time
087Episode 87Sir VileGarments
Sai Kit5/66/6Buzzer-Beater
088Episode 88Dr. BelljarThe First Submarine
Eddie2/55/6Out of Time
089Episode 89Jacqueline HydeShip Insurance
Angelica3/55/6Out of Time
090Episode 90Buggs ZapperBarometer
Nathan2/54/6Out of Time
091Episode 91Dr. BelljarArchimedes' Pulley System
092Episode 92Sir VileRomans
Jon6/66/622 seconds
093Episode 93Sir VileBalloons
Franklin1/55/6Out of Time
094Episode 94Jacqueline HydeChinese Flags
Heather2/55/6Out of Time
095Episode 95Buggs ZapperChinese Immigrant Ships
Annie3/55/6Out of Time
096Episode 96Sir VileGilgamesh and Mesopotamia
097Episode 97Jacqueline HydeHaiti
Clifford3/55/6Out of Time
098Episode 98Dr. BelljarRoman Calendar
Andrew1/54/6Out of Time
099Episode 99Buggs ZapperKing Tut's Throne
Ashley2/55/6Out of Time
100Episode 100Sir VilePtolemy
Samantha4/66/63 seconds
101Episode 101MedevaSherlock Holmes
Christina3/55/6Out of Time
102Episode 102Dr. BelljarStagecoach
Arthur4/65/6Out of Time
103Episode 103Sir VileWilderness Road
Ben Silverman5/66/66 seconds
104Episode 104Dr. BelljarRoman Gladiators
Anthony Woodburn4/65/6Out of Time
105Episode 105MedevaBayeux Tapestry
Rebecca Stevens5/66/65 seconds
106Episode 106Buggs ZapperGladiator Gear
Michael5/6?6/69 seconds
107Episode 107MedevaMayan Corn
Antonio4/65/6Out of Time
108Episode 108Buggs ZapperMagna Carta
Jacob Wood3/55/6Out of Time
109Episode 109Dr. BelljarThe First Music Box
William Zao3/55/6Out of Time
110Episode 110Sir VileSamurai Sword
Adam4/66/63 seconds
111Episode 111Buggs ZapperSilkworms
Michael5/66/611 seconds
112Episode 112Jacqueline Hyde14th Amendment
Tamara5/66/63 seconds
113Episode 113MedevaLeonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks
Mahati3/55/6Out of Time
114Episode 114MedevaLa Marseillaise
Jewel2/55/6Out of Time
115Episode 115Jacqueline HydeWedding
Jenny Carson6/66/613 seconds

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