Hahahaha Ooooh!! AAHHH!!! I got a few spots of left time pilots! mwah! Ahhhhhhahaha!!!

  • Michael & Jon: Pompeii (Christina McNally)
  • Ahmed & James: Maypole (Katie Stroud)
  • Tyler & Michelle: Orator (Miranda Owens)
  • Mark & Claire: Wigs (Allison Michaelson)
  • Matt & Valerie: Armies (Ariel Williams)
  • Christina & Stephen: Sherlock Holmes (Janice Woodruff)
  • Rebecca & Jeff: Bayeux Tapestry (Wilfredo Jackson)
  • Antonio & Mila: Mayan Corn (Abby Nelson)
  • Mahati & Matt: Leonardo Da Vinci's Notebooks (Geoff Agnew)
  • Jewel & Logan: La Marsaillese (Carla O'Neill)

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