Murasaki Shikibu in Japan
Case 04 Japan 1015
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Chapter One of The Tale of Genji

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Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time

Heian Japan is the fourth case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time.



"This Time Tunnel only jumps ahead a dozen years to 1015. But you're going from the wilderness to high culture: the kingdom of Japan, during the Heian Era. Murasaki Shikibu should be writing the world's first novel by now, but her pages are blank! Go seek out the source of her writer's block!

I'll be sending along ACME's most artistically gifted Good Guide, Renee Santz. She has your Time Cuffs, your new Chronopedia chapter, and all the culture you could ask for. Hope you look good in a kimono, Time Scout. Best of luck!" -- The Chief



"Terrific tracking, Time Scout. The world's first novel is well on its way to publication! Thanks to you, Medeva's in a cell, and Murasaki is moonlighting her way into history!

Because of you, the novel will become the world's favorite literary form. Readers around the world thank you!

You're doing excellent work, and now's your chance to do more of the same. Another case is coming up fast! Will you take it on?" -- The Chief

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