Patty Larceny
Title -
Gender Female
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Voice Actors -
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Last Appearance -
Patricia "Patty" Larceny is a cute, sweet and very beautiful teenager, she is pretty fashionable as she thinks of stealing she most wants purses so she can hold her dog, Stripe. When she tries to steal important things she wears gloves so no one could see her finger prints but badly she also wears gloves when she is swimming thinking that some people may see her finger prints in water also. Her first appearance is in Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Game Show) her lastest appearnce was in the game, Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math. She has her own video taper as Carmen Sandiego calls her and than she repeats in the video taper.


As usual she dyes her hair ever week as sometimes in pink, yellow, blue but yellow might be seen somtimes. As fashionable she does hate wearing Polka Dots in shirt or dresses. She lives in Toronto. She seems to admire Vic the Slick as because she has been seen putting his pictures in her bedroom.


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