Patty Larceny
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Gender Female
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Patricia "Patty" Larceny is a dim-witted, vapid and air-headed yet extremely cute, sugary sweet and unbearably beautiful young girl who steals purses for the purpose of carrying her dog, Stripe. She routinely wears gloves during capers to prevent leaving fingerprints at crime scenes, however she also wears gloves when swimming... so as not to leave fingerprints on the water... Her first appearance is in Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Game Show), her lastest appearance was in the game, Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math. She has her own camera which she uses to communicate with Carmen Sandiego.


*She's known to dye her hair frequently, from boring blond, to bright pink, and even blue.

*She hates Polka Dots.

*She lives in Toronto and seems to admire Vic the Slick because she has several pictures of him in her bedroom.