He lives a life of danger, our underwater ranger! The one and only Plastic Diver Guy! ~Theme song, as sung by Rockapella

Plastic Diver Guy (PDG for short) is one of the recurring segments on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? As the name implies, he's a plastic toy diver living in the fishtank of the ACME office. The segment always starts with his theme music playing, prompting host Greg Lee to announce that either something silly like his mother riding a moon-bike is happening, or that Plastic Diver Guy has arrived to provide the gumshoe contestants with clues to the next geography question. Oftentimes, Greg would wear a snorkel and imitate ridiculous swimming motions with Rockapella as Plastic Diver Guy gave out his clues. These segments always end with Plastic Diver Guy panicking as "the ominous music" starts up and then getting attacked as the message "To Be Continued..." appears.

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