Queen Hatshepsut in Ancient Egypt
Case 01 Egypt 1490 BC
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1490 BCE




Time Pilot

Good Guide

Ann Tickwittee


Queen Hatshepsut
Head Priest
Thutmose II

Stolen item

Egyptian Book of the Dead

V.I.L.E. Thief

Sir Vile

Previous Case


Next Case

Julius Caesar in Rome

Video game

Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time

Ancient Egypt is the first case in the adventure game Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time. It serves as a tutorial level for the basics of the game.



"When you're here in the Tunnel, I can talk to you, but once you're in the past, I'll be out of contact. In fact, I won't even be born yet. But don't worry. I'll send along an ACME Good Guide to help you.

This first trip is a long one. You're going all the way back to Ancient Egypt, where there's something vile on the Nile. Queen Hatshepsut should have taken the throne by now, but it hasn't happened. Find out why!

Here's Ann Tickwittee now. She's got your Chronopedia and your ACME Time Cuffs. Carmen always leaves a note telling her crooks where to hide, so collect any note scraps you may find. And here's the most important thing: Carmen and her creeps have messed up history, so do the world a favor, and set things straight!" -- The Chief


  • Woven bag
  • Torch


"Congratulations! You snagged that sneaky Sir Vile, bagged the Book of the Dead, and even managed to mummify a pharaoh! I salute you!

Thanks to you, the ancient ruler will have laughter in the afterlife, and Egyptian history is restored!

Great job! There's another case ahead if you want to take it. Ready to get right back to work?" -- The Chief

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